Night drying lotion Green

Night drying lotion "Green" from the company. Works while you sleep! Helps to clear existing blemishes and prevent the formation of new!
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Categories: Love Line Green, Care for normal / oily skin

Tags: осушающий лосьон


For oily / combination skin with pimples

Helps to suppress the formation and spread of pimples, reduces effects of UV light.
Active ingredients: "M&H complex" - melanin and Hops - antioxidant - soothes the skin. Makes the skin matte and soft to the touch.

Dries inflammatory elements, prevents the appearance of new, complements the action and effect of Mud Mask.
Unique antibacterial formula contains active ingredients to absorb excess sebum and drying of inflammatory elements: celandine, and sulfur. The result is guaranteed. Focused care

Method of use:
It is recommended to apply before sleep on clean skin (after Cleansing and Refreshing Gel Lotion). To leave for the night. In the morning rinse and carefully dry. If necessary, repeat the procedure for several days. prevents the development of inflammatory elements.

Composition: "M&H Complex" - Melanin and Hops - antioxidant - helps soothe and strengthen skin. For vital, matte looking skin.